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Hi! I am Anne-Laurence Fritsch, Senior Certified Hypnotherapist, Expert in Stress and Anxiety Management. I help you get rid of the obstacles that prevent you from being happy with yourself and with your life and feel more serene and joyfull!

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These last 15 years, I have helped over 2,000 people to free themselves from their problems in order to live more serene and happier lives.

Here are some of my clients’ testimonials:

"Hello Anne Laurence,

I wanted to thank you for the beneficial effects of the session. I haven't hit the road yet, but I really feel better in my head. I can take a step back from things and it greatly impresses those around me. "

MARIE-LAURE, Physiotherapist

"Hello Mrs. Fritsch,


Many thanks for what your help. ..

The benefits are great and real. I feel better. I live better. I feel alive.

With all my gratitude. "

SOPHIE, Mother of 4

Hello !

How are you ? I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Yesterday I had to face a delicate situation and I was able to make myself heard and especially to assert myself. Before, I wouldn’t have had the courage to take action. Thank you because it is thanks to you that today I have this awareness. I'm starting to have more self-confidence and make the right choices (at least the right choices for me!).

Thanks again. Have a nice day".

CORINNE, Commercial Agent


Hi! I hope you're fine ! I preferred to wait several weeks after our hypnosis session to give you a feedback. The day after our session, my stomach aches eased considerably. My emotional flow is still there but less disturbing to my digestion. My bowel syndrom seems to have disappeared. I even tried to eat gluten without any bad effects. I am very happy with this session and thank you for your advice. Indeed, my behavior seems to improve especially regarding my emotional attachment to people. As far as my emotional flow and my hypersensitivity are concerned, I still have a lot of progress to make (if you have tools to suggest I would be most interested). I will keep you informed on my progress and will probably book another session with you. Warm regards. 

OLIVIER, Social Worker

"Hello Mrs. Fritsch,

I wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me because this has been the most important year in my life. Everything has been reconsidered under a different angle. I have finally managed to ask myself the right questions which have led to the right answers! I come out of this feeling more matured and freer thanks to hypnosis and your work:  I now react differently to stressfull situations, and feel more detached. I am really greatful to you and I wish you a very Happy New Year.

SABINE,  Teacher


"Hello Mrs. Fritsch,

I'm back from my vacation in Thailand and I want to thank you with all my heart. My trip went very well, the plane : no more worries, the elevators : even less!

So I really thank you for your support. You have changed my life in an extraordinary way, I now can live a normal life without this phobia . Best regards".


 BRIGITTE, Caregiver

Hello Madam,

I must say that I really feel your therapy. I feel better, not an ounce of hatred or anger or even anxiety, hoping it lasts as long as possible!


Adeline, Cleaning Agent

I am writing to keep you posted. The hypnosis session helped me a lot. I finally passed the driver's license exam without any stress or anxiety attacks. Thanks for your help. "


No need to drive: the hypnosis session takes place in your comfortable chair or sofa, in front of your computer screen or Laptop. You'll just need to use headphones or earphones so that I can speak directly into your ears and conduct the hypnosis session.
One only session will already bring you amazing benefits in the short -to- long term.


 Here are answers to F.A.Q. on Hypnosis

  What is hypnosis ?

  • Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness: you stay aware of what’s going on but at times you may feel a bit disconnected, and you lose track of what I am saying.
  • It’s a state between waking and sleeping but you won’t sleep (although sometimes you feel like you’re asleep).
  • It's a natural state that happens to us several times a day: when we are day-dreaming, when we doze off slightly, when we watch an exciting film and everything else around us does not count anymore, when we watch a magnificent sunset,….

  What can therapeutic hypnosis solve?

  • Stress and anxiety problems
  • Fears, Phobias (of crowds, insects, snakes, spiders, etc.)
  • Addictions (alcohol, tobacco, games, drugs, ...)
  • Eating disorders
  • Psychosomatic illnesses (psoriasis, eczema, digestive problems, etc.)
  • Chronic pain without clinical causes
  • Existential crises
  • Lack of confidence
  • Stuttering

   Are there any contraindications?

  • Yes, in some cases such as:
  • Epilepsy attacks
  • Serious heart problems
  • Severe depression (suicidal urges)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis in acute phase
  • Borderline and pathologically dissociated personalities

  Why does it work?

  • Hypnosis is a powerful anti-stress and pain reliever
  • The state of hypnosis gives access to brain functions that we don't usually use, our intuitive and creative Gestalt brain
  • The state of hypnosis well led by an expert is a powerful tool for transformation and positive change
  • Because a tiny change in perspective can lead to big changes
  • Because the state of hypnosis allows you to be more receptive to new solutions
  • Because hypnosis solves unconscious things
  • It is a psychotherapy by hypnosis which allows to quickly obtain satisfactory and lasting results

  How does it work ?

  • The state of hypnosis helps to calm mental (cognitive) activity of the brain and therefore to be more receptive / open to certain suggestions.
  • In this state of trance (hypnosis) trillions of brain cells are activated that are not usually used
  • It is a state conducive to positive change, healing, solving many problems

  What happens during a hypnosis session ? 

  • It begins with the anamnesis: I ask you specific questions that allow you to better understand your problem, your objectives, your values, priorities
  • Then I guide you into a state of hypnosis during which I continue to speak to you
  • You can talk to me at any time if you wish
  • At the end of the therapeutic work done in hypnosis I gradually bring you back to a fully awaken state

  What are the advantages ?

  • It’s a brief therapy: 2 to 6 sessions every 4 to 6 weeks or more
  • You will save time and money
  • You will get immediate beneficial effects
  • You will obtain very fast or progressive results
  • The results will be lasting

  What sort of results can be achieved ? 

  • Hightened awareness and understanding
  • Release of unconscious fears
  • Change of perception of life, self, others
  • Ability to step back from stressful events / situations
  • Physiological, energetic and psychic recovery
  • Transformation of unconscious limiting beliefs
  • Transformation of inappropriate behavior
  • Deep exploration of untapped or dormant resources
  • Exploration and Implementation of New Strategies
  • Better self-acceptance
  • More energy
  • More serenity
  • More zest for life

  Answers to the most frequently expressed concerns:

  •  Am I receptive to hypnosis? Of course you are, since it's a natural state.
  • It is the hypnotherapist's responsibility to establish a relationship of trust with you and to guide yyou to this altered state of consciousness. You don't have to do anything special
  • Will it work on me? Yes, it will, provided that you want to achieve your goals. For example, if your goal is to quit smoking and you don't want to quit at all, then it won't work. I can't force a person to do what they don't want to do. In any case it is not in my professional ethics.
  • I'm afraid of being manipulated: Don’t worry ! You certainly won't be manipulated by me because therapeutic hypnosis has nothing to do with Show Hypnosis. Many people make this confusion. Therapeutic hypnosis is not a game but a therapy in its own right.
  • Can I come across a charlatan? Yes, absolutely since hypnosis is not regulated in France. This is why it’s important  that you should inform yourself about the professional background, qualifications and experience of the hypnotherapist you intend to see.  I’ve included my professional background in the PDF file underneath the video so that you know who you are dealing with. I am a Senior Certified Hypnotherapist by GHR, UK.
  • Am I going to fall asleep? No, even if you sometimesyou might  feel like you have been asleep, you actually won’t
  • Your state of hypnosis can fluctuate from light to very deep (when you’ll lose the thread for short instants
  • Is there a risk that I may  never return to a conscious state?
  • No, not at all, don't worry, it won't happen. Even if sometimes you might feel so good in that state of hypnosis and don't feel like coming out of it , you’ll spontaneously come back to a totally conscious state at a given moment and I'm here to bring you back to a totally normal conscious state.
  • Are online sessions as effective as sessions in your office?
  • Yes, absolutely and sometimes even more so for some people who find it more reassuring to be at home in their familiar environment and to be so close to me via the screen, it feels even more intimate, according to some people who have experienced both ways.

So don't hesitate anylonger! Take action by clicking on this link! 

Dare to take the step towards your well-being! I'll meet you on the other side!

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